Our History
Our Early Years

In 1982, then a 26-year old graduate, Madam Fatima Bibi became the youngest elected President of PPIS. She joined the organisation in 1978, and after her active involvement in the association, she was elected as its deputy president. She was elected PPIS President for two terms from 1982 to 1986.

Within 4 months of her presidency, she proposed the establishment of a kindergarten for Muslim children, run by PPIS.

Madam Fatima Bibi faced resistance from some of the executive committee members. Members were concerned over the risks involved in investing the association’s fund into new venture.

Madam Fatima Bibi (front row, extreme right).

But she passionately argued that children need to be taught basic reading, social skills and the fundamental values of Islam before they begin primary school education.

At the same time, studies have shown that preschool education would give children a head start in their academic life.

First Kindergarten

On 2 January 1983, PPIS opened its first kindergarten at Haigsville Drive. It was named Taman Asuhan PPIS. It began with one class of 30 students and one teacher, Madam Zubaidah Abdul Rahman.

PPIS is also credited as one of the first to introduce a play-based approach to pre-school education.

The preschool project received positive response. One year after its launch, enrolment doubled up to 60. For the preschool project to succeed in the long run, PPIS commissioned major renovations to the PPIS Clubhouse in Haigsville in order to accommodate four more kindergarten classes and an administrative office. The association also realised that it could no longer rely on volunteers to manage the kindergarten. The association decided to employ full time staff. These included two experienced teachers and an assistant; supporting staff such as an executive officer, a clerk, and an attendant.

In order to cope with increasing demand, PPIS increased the number of classes. The Taman Asuhan kindergarten eventually moved to a larger premise, the former Playfair School at No. 2 Burn Road in 1984. By 1987, PPIS had 24 kindergarten classes with a total enrollment of 650 children.

Six years after opening its first kindergarten, PPIS opened another centre at Bukit Batok on 1 March, 1989.

First Kindergarten in PPIS premise at Haigsville Drive
Former Playfair School at No. 2 Burn Road
PPIS was one of the first to introduce a play-based approach to pre-school education
English class in session
Mathematics class in session
Outdoor activity
Children having tea break
Family Sports Day
A Year to Remember

1993 was a year to remember. PPIS started its first childcare centre at Blk 557, Pasir Ris St. 51. The centre offers full day childcare services for toddlers and preschoolers.

The same year, PPIS worked with Kampung Siglap Mosque to set up its third kindergarten. This collaboration marks a significant milestone for PPIS as Taman Asuhan Kampong Siglap Mosque-PPIS is the first mosque-based kindergarten managed by PPIS.

In the late 1990s, PPIS embarked on a strategy to transfer expertise and knowledge in the management of kindergartens. It also studied options to hand over administration and management of its mosque-based kindergarten to selected partners. By the end of 1997, PPIS handed over the administration and management of Taman Asuhan Kampung Siglap Mosque-PPIS to the mosque management committee.

Kindergarten Franchise

In 1996, the fourth kindergarten was opened, this time with the support of Muhajirin Mosque. Three years later, the mosque took over the management.

The second childcare centre was set up in January 1999 at Blk 187, Pasir Ris St. 11.

In the same year another mosque-based kindergarten at Masjid Jamae (Chulia) in the same year. Three years later, the mosque took over its management.

In September 1999, the PPIS preschool management committee made preparations for the opening of another kindergarten centre at Al-Istiqamah mosque. TASKA Masjid Al-Istiqamah-PPIS at Serangoon Road was opened in January 2000. The management of the school was handed over to the mosque management committee in 2004.

PPIS kindergarten at Bukit Batok after renovation in 2008
PPIS kindergarten at Bukit Batok after renovation in 2008
PPIS kindergarten at Bukit Batok after renovation in 2008

By 2002, numerous other non-profit and commercial preschool education centres had been established in Singapore. In view of increasing competition and reduced enrolment, PPIS decided to close the kindergarten at Playfair Road in 2004 - 21 years after it first started.

On 1 August 2006, PPIS partnered with SENSE, the social enterprise arm of YAYASAN MENDAKI to open its fourth childcare centre. Located in Jurong, the Jurong network Child Development Centre was set up to provide quality childcare for children living in the western part of Singapore.

In 2008, PPIS celebrated 25 years of providing early childhood education. In conjunction with the celebration, the association introduced the Low Income Families Empowerment (LIFE) Fund. Lien Foundation donated $686,000 to the fund which also helped to renovate the PPIS kindergarten at Bukit Batok. Speaking at the launch of the fund on 29 March 2008, the Minister for Community Development, Youth and Sports, Dr. Vivian Balakrishnan, reiterated the importance of preschool education and the government's commitment to provide various assistance schemes for preschool education.

Through the Years. . .