Student Care

(7 to 14 years)

Student Care

(7 to 14 years)

Students are Our Priority

At 7oaks Student Care, we aim to make a difference to your child’s academic learning and social well-being.

Conducive environment for every child to feel safe, comfortable, valued and engaged

We create an environment convenient
for creative learning and play, and for rest
and relaxation after school.

Safeguarding The Well-being of Our Student Care Children and Staff

A Clean Space, Is A Safe Place

We prioritise the importance of a clean and safe physical environment. The physical environment within the centres do encourage learning participation, and foster constructive relationships among students and between students
and staff.

For Overall Wellness

There are separate shower rooms and toilets for boys and girls, an immaculate dinning corner and interest areas to cater to their overall well-being and social needs.

Conducive Learning Areas

Students are provided with bright and spacious study classrooms, equipped with the latest educational resources needed to support students’ learning needs.

A Peek into Their Day

With a structured timetable consisting of educational and enrichment programmes, skill-based and sports activities, we not only provide a holistic learning experience but also to instill self-discipline and responsibility and build positive study habits in children.

Mendaki Collaborative Tuition Programme – English, Maths, Science

Our Tuition Programme (Primary 1 to 6) is part of Yayasan Mendaki’s Collaborative Tuition Programme. Tuitions are conducted by NIE-trained teachers, in small groups, and aligned to the latest MOE Syllabus.

Supervised Study Time

One to two hours is/are allocated for students to complete their homework, self-revision, and spelling practices. More time is set aside for the Study Time nearer to the examination period.

News Time

During the News Time, students will read the news articles and are tested on their understanding of them, learn to challenge or support different viewpoints and build up their general knowledge through topic-based discussions.

This activity can help students to develop not only reading skills but also writing, grammar, vocabulary and speaking skills and enhance their awareness on current affairs.

Literacy Time

One hour of fun English Language Teaching games! These tried and tested games provide practice in reading, writing, listening and speaking. Playing games also help the students to improve their interaction, increase energy levels and
build confidence.

Moral Education

At 7oaks Student Care, we encourage a caring and respectful learning environment where students are able to pick up core, ethical values. Character and citizenship education are taught to students through stories, videos, role-play, class discussion, reflections etc.

SportCares Carerunner

Through SportCares CareRunner programme, students in our care enjoy weekly track and field activities. This programmes not help students to stay fit and active but also inculcates perseverance, teamwork and integrity.

School Holiday Camps

The school holidays are opportunities for students to engage in learning beyond the classroom. From sports and tech to art and academics, the school holiday camps place a huge focus on developing children’s skills through hands-on learning, while keeping them engaged and happy. Students build character, social and interaction skills and bond among themselves
and their mentors.

Our School Holidays Series (S.T.A.R) includes specially created projects that excite children.

STEM – Students can look forward to busting science myths through fun hands-on experiences and a range of fun topics, including robotics, coding, circuit modelling, 3D modelling, engineering and programming. It’s great to give young ones exposure to these future-focused themes – to develop computational thinking and problem-solving skills.

Transformation Workshop – Inspirational and motivational talks by invited speakers who are successful in their fields.

Visual Arts – These art classes are sure to instill a love of learning and the confidence to make student’s imagination come to life. The volunteers at this holiday camp are passionate Art Educators. Your child will get to experience oil and acrylic painting, charcoal or pastel sketching, pen and ink architecture plus white clay and terracotta sculptures.

What our existing parents and volunteer
are saying about our Student Care?

Madam Farhana Bte Mohd Rasip

Mother of Elryna, Quraisy & Umayrah Binte Elshukrin
from 7oaks Student Care – Jurong

“So far, I am very satisfied with SCCJ. The staff have done a good job, taking care of my three children who are now more organised than before. They enjoyed being at the student care centre and is always raring to go there every day. Staff are also kind-hearted and they keep me up to date on upcoming events and programs. I am impressed.”

Madam Arlene Camilo Ordinario

Mother of Harshni D/O Teena Thayalan & Saikiran S/O Teena Thayalan
from 7oaks Student Care – Jurong

“Since attending the Collaborative Tuition Programme (CTP) by Mendaki at 7oaks Student Care, both my children have shown greater interest and are more consistent in their studies. I’ve seen improvement especially in their Maths subject and they are getting on with Maths revision regularly. For this, I would like to thank all staff at the Centre. Thank you.”

Madam Junainah Bte Jonied

Mother of Qisya Adelia Nurisman & Nuri Rusyidi Nurisman
from 7oaks Student Care – Bedok Reservoir

“The Collaborative Tuition Programme (CTP) by Mendaki at 7oaks Student Care and the FREE PSLE Maths Booster workshop for parents and children in Primary 5 and 6 have benefited my two children. Tuition has assist them in areas they struggle and gain better understanding of the subjects. My children are able to manage their school work better and more prepared and confidence for their test and exam.”

Madam Zahidah Shamsul

Mother of Zara Rizqah Mohamad Rashid & Mohamad Rizqin Mohamad Rashid
from 7oaks Student Care – Bedok Reservoir

“When the Collaborative Tuition Programme (CTP) by Mendaki has to be conducted online, the centre staff are able to work out a solution quickly and smoothly to ensure that the children’s weekly learning continues despite moving the classes online.

Not only that, during the Phase 3 Heightened Alert, I did not send my children to the centre during school holidays. However, Mdm Zaleha ensured that my children were kept occupied at home. She shared the Zoom links for my children to participate in the activities with the rest of the children from home. Besides that, she also shared other home-based activities for the children to do.

My three children are happy to be in the student care centre outside of school hours. They enjoyed the meals provided and they can approach the staff anytime, if they need help.

I would like to thank the centre staff for always putting the children first and having a great rapport with them.”

Mr Zulhafiz Zainal

Volunteer at 7oaks Student Care – Bedok

“7oaks Student Care Bedok is a centre that has a special place in my heart. I started to volunteer at 7oaks Student Care – Bedok (formerly known as PPIS Student Care – Bedok) in 2014 as a camp commandant for the year end school holiday camp. Since then, I return to the centre every year as a regular volunteer, not only for their camps but also for other adhoc activities like conducting workshops and others.

What I like about the student care is the staff – they are dedicated and caring. They make the best out of their work to provide the best environment, programme and care for the children after school hours to nurture them into good individuals.

The strong bonds between the staff and children continues even years later. Former students including myself feel valued, motivated and enthusiastic to give back to the centre because it just feels good.

In terms of programmes, the centre carry out various activities for the children’s holistic development in various dimensions – physical, intellectual, emotional, social and moral development, as well as a place to rest after school hours.

Considering everything, I am very pleased to be part of this family, and I look forward to seeing the younger students grow and join me as volunteers with 7oaks Student Care.”

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