Mr Zulhafiz Zainal

Volunteer at 7oaks Student Care – Bedok

“7oaks Student Care Bedok is a centre that has a special place in my heart. I started to volunteer at 7oaks Student Care – Bedok (formerly known as PPIS Student Care – Bedok) in 2014 as a camp commandant for the year end school holiday camp. Since then, I return to the centre every year as a regular volunteer, not only for their camps but also for other adhoc activities like conducting workshops and others.

What I like about the student care is the staff – they are dedicated and caring. They make the best out of their work to provide the best environment, programme and care for the children after school hours to nurture them into good individuals.

The strong bonds between the staff and children continues even years later. Former students including myself feel valued, motivated and enthusiastic to give back to the centre because it just feels good.

In terms of programmes, the centre carry out various activities for the children’s holistic development in various dimensions – physical, intellectual, emotional, social and moral development, as well as a place to rest after school hours.

Considering everything, I am very pleased to be part of this family, and I look forward to seeing the younger students grow and join me as volunteers with 7oaks Student Care.”